• Wellness


    Hot thermal waters and wellness are two words which are fully realized on Ischia.In fact, the Casa Giuseppina Hotel is situated in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, surrounded by a natural environment that is just perfect for one’s physical well-being and mental balance. The hotel offers an outdoor spa pool, an indoor spa pool with Jacuzzi, a natural sauna and a prestigious  osteopathy and physiotherapy center. Our guests can find thermal waters known since ancient times for a high concentration of mineral salts which enhances its properties.

  • Treatments


    We offers some treatments such as anatomical therapeutic massage, connective tissue massage, lympathic drainage, meridian Chinese massage, reflexology, osteopathy, posture, physiotherapy, sports rehabilitation, chiropractic, tecar therapy, Baunscheidt therapy, laser therapy, scar therapy, ultrasound therapy.

    You can have the possibilities to have thermal treatments (inhalations and aerosol or thermal mud and thermal baths ) in a center which has an agreement with the National Health Service showing the prescription with a diagnosis.

  • Fitness


    Our fitness training sessions (upon request) are a way to educate the body in a comprehensive way by exercising the classical physical features of strength together with agility and balance. We want  you to train all the muscles you use in everyday life. Our sessions are short but intense, biomechanical and functional efficient, and very good for calorie. They take place in the outdoor pool to breathe better, except in adverse weather conditions.  The perfect final step of our session is our natural sauna where moist heat helps drain fluids and remove toxins by relaxing your nervous system and reducing the stress.